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  1. Net prices for B2B
  2. Moneybookers
  3. freetext as an attribute?
  4. import (generic, xt:commerce and magento) coming soon!
  5. Link on attributes text
  6. Attribute Finder
  7. Basket/Order can be send to other person for ordering
  8. Partial delivery vs. complete delivery
  9. OXID Forum
  10. AlertPay
  11. More themes US Style
  12. Make as sophisticated as OSCMax
  13. Unlimited amount of pricelists
  14. Feature Request: "Print Cart" / "Print wishlist"
  15. Roles and Permissions
  16. more CMS-features
  17. product review without registration (optional)
  18. Filtering Variants by attributes in Category
  19. Selecting similar products
  20. Inherited fields for variants
  21. Assigning Variants without Parent article
  22. State/Province
  23. Automatic display of entries in the "Information"-Box
  24. Template override - Language translations
  25. Template override - Smarty compiled template filename
  26. More intelligent titles for search
  27. More intelligent handling of list locators
  28. Portuguese Translation
  29. Better price formatting.
  30. Demoshop data (thumbnails) don't match admin-settings
  31. Allow for hirarchical definition of language data between template and custom-template
  32. Make the oxdb-class usable for accessing external databases
  33. Change logical concatenation of filter attributes
  34. Very(!) inefficient attribute definition
  35. not added to the image of the goods!
  36. Set another details.tpl via dropdown
  37. Oxid with long term support and fix bugs only
  38. Improved gift registry, add paypal, gift certificate
  39. Delivery calendar
  40. Manu. Description problem when too long
  41. Assign Admin Access Privileges
  42. Captcha in Admin and Account Login
  43. Ability to Upload to Links
  44. Backend Order Creation
  45. Assign discount to invoice line items
  46. Landing Page Designer
  47. limit for history article as config var
  48. Can we remove the Facebook Livestream feature?
  49. months names translation
  50. not wanted Shipping Address field in Invoice PDF - bug?
  51. Do not display empty Manufacturers
  52. Download portuguese lang
  53. Can we get rid of the option "Lexware Export"?
  54. True product bundles/packs/combos/etc.
  55. Feature or Bug?
  56. Contact form confirmation UX 'bug' (Azure)
  57. language files definition in the new extension handling (4.6)
  58. Delete multiple products
  59. Centralized authentication for users and admin as well
  60. PW reset on admin login
  61. User Groups in English?
  62. Currency Icon to also change currency sign and location
  63. Mail Management
  64. in devloper / non productive mode - disable views and caching
  65. rename the table oxwrapping
  66. change oxconfig and oxconfig display - OXVARVALUE to anything other than BLOB
  67. javascript concatenating