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  7. new product OXID eBack :-)
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  11. VMware appliance "OXID eShop on Debian Etch" Beta
  12. i cann;t downloadthe OXID eShop Community Edition
  13. To get donload link for paypal module
  14. Oxid eShop 4.1 only copatible with PHP 5.2.3 onwards
  15. meta tag robots nowfollow
  16. New Feature "found"
  17. Could someone answer these things please
  18. magento import
  19. Orders very slow!
  20. ípayment interface out now
  21. Error in MySQL syntax during installation
  22. Patch 4.1.3-19918 for the OXID eShop CE is published
  23. Language parameter in URL
  24. Article on OXID SEO
  25. Article on OXID development tips
  26. Article on OXID localization (i18n) to Hindi
  27. Delivery price calculation feature?
  28. Shall we use Zend Framework in eShop?
  29. How to report a security issue
  30. oxid + lighttpd
  31. Look&Feel - does not work
  32. Multiple tab problem in admin
  33. OXID-Bug bei Bestellung
  34. What the OXID community needs
  35. viewing products
  36. Connect to Database via XML
  37. First Category (_left.tpl) open, why ?
  38. Can I search Prod.No. of product variants?
  39. Just started working on a Slovenian translation
  40. "Bing" robot not recognized as robot...
  41. Want to add dynamic url using htaccess
  42. MySQLs' GPL status endangered by Oracle?
  43. problem with oxcmp_user class
  44. How to put on the home page one product?
  45. Speakers for LinuxTag wanted
  46. A mail from Magento...
  47. How to update catalog in more fastes way
  48. Some interesting questions
  49. Help wanted for Italian translation of the shop front end
  50. Translation to NL Nederlands (The Netherlands)
  51. Credit Card payment with Italian Bank, is it possible?
  52. Maximum order amount.
  53. An OXID Book?
  54. Community survey
  55. Install on 1&1 Webspace
  56. Manual -> Primary settings for payment methods
  57. Community version vs Proffesional and Enterprice editions
  58. Merkwürdiges Server Problem
  59. acces admin area
  60. Is there a bug in the registration in CE, or Am I doing something wrong?
  61. How can i enlarge my profile to be the extention provider?
  62. Default currency in admin view
  63. Cant call oxNew on Linux
  64. Downloadable Document For CE?
  65. Delete oxchkversion.php from your server after you used it!
  66. slow: High MySQL load due to strange query
  67. Connecting Oxid to My Website
  68. Inline product description (detail)
  69. blank row before doctype
  70. Wrong price of "parent" products
  71. About Web Hosting
  72. International Credit Card Payment Gateway
  73. International OXID Developers on Facebook
  74. cant get custom field value for left category navigation
  75. get manufacturer url for a product
  76. Fatal error: Call to a member function getBruttoPrice()
  77. Categories tree menu
  78. Greek Lamguage
  79. Start Shop
  80. Wrong VAT
  81. oxid 4.5 - any hint on when to expect a release
  82. Prices with and without VAT
  83. VAT for Greek islands
  84. save cart, different price levels, favourits, sorting
  85. Payment and Basket: a logical mistake ?
  86. Oxid in italy
  87. zoom function doesn't work
  88. PDF Invoice Can't Handle Doublebyte Characters
  89. New Domain and File Transfers
  90. Dutch store front translation was üpdated
  91. Forms don't display doublebyte characters on refresh
  92. Error Category Menu
  93. When to ask new users to enter address data?
  94. Dear Mr.Marco
  95. New page on OXIDforge: Tutorial Ideas
  96. basket is set empty while changing category in the salesprocess
  97. Problem with help (ico_help.gif) in CE 4.4.5_31315
  98. Happy New Year!
  99. New Year Resolution
  100. Where are you from?
  101. OXID in your pocket
  102. B2B/B2C feature for the CE
  103. Generic import - oxurlimg problem
  104. Thank you for 4.5 !
  105. Wrong language in email_order_cust_html.tpl
  106. Phone registration required
  107. how to set cookie for multiple domain
  108. wholesale price for dealer
  109. paypal modul problem
  110. OBA: local offline backend to process OXID-orders
  111. Net price on checkout is wrong
  112. Performance OXID 4.5
  113. ERP CSV import problem
  114. Show default lang abbreviation in URL
  115. Create users externally
  116. Calculate prices from attributes
  117. Download Area
  118. basket SESSION lost on page refresh
  119. How to add fees / surcharge dynamically?
  120. buying from oxid oXchange
  121. Translation to Japanese Language
  122. In Korea - the future of eCommerce - amazing campaing!
  123. iPad Access
  124. Oxid performance
  125. Prestashop hacked
  126. The brand part of the footer
  127. Learning Materials Shop
  128. required product fields
  129. Tool for facilitating the production of product photos - online survey
  130. Do you use OXID eShop admin web backend (admin) in your shop for editing info?
  131. Gutscheinproblem
  132. Product XML Feed
  133. Strange behavior when running two Oxid eshops
  134. No Basket!
  135. Translating the database part
  136. Brief Comparison with Prestashop
  137. Sitemap.xml for search engines
  138. Category picture import
  139. Payment Methods - Fields & Deleting Payment methods
  140. North America Shop Extension Available
  141. Security features?
  142. Show pictures of variant product
  143. problem import in russian
  144. How to create a News Detail Page
  145. PayPal 2.0.0 function isVirtualPayPalBasket not accessible
  146. actual OXID Editions Comparison
  147. Drop-down box has bug in IE,how to solve it?Help
  148. How many rights in the system?(user,malladmin and other??)
  149. W3C Validation
  150. add oxscript with dynamic values
  151. Category, remove sidebar
  152. W3C Validation
  153. isVirtualPayPalBasket not accessible
  154. Add an add to cart button.
  155. Category listing page product filter
  156. Comparison CE, PE and EE
  157. Assign products within categories
  158. What does OXID stand for?
  159. Sound
  160. Hello everyone,
  161. azure footer
  162. Link in menu, isnt "current"
  163. Product variants displayed as table
  164. Language selection in IE 8 problem
  165. liveperson.com make money
  166. Download older versions of oxid esales community edition
  167. Internal Server Error after installer
  168. list products in category
  169. Please vote for oTranCe, used as OXID translation center
  170. Print new field with oxid vars
  171. Backup all my files
  172. Affiliate Program ?
  173. Search on oxid shops
  174. set default currency depending on domain
  175. Please vote for OXID eShop on BinNami
  176. category class
  177. search on the forum in chrome canary
  178. oxid @ freenode IRC
  179. shop hacked ?
  180. Basket change quantity
  181. Db password encryption
  182. getBruttoPrice() is a showstopper for all payment methods
  183. Admin Password Reset?
  184. Minibasket scrollable
  185. Picture Variants
  186. map..php File
  187. how to cancel eFire
  188. Redirect to another page
  189. Calculate only highest discount
  190. Cannot save new product in admin (possible bug)
  191. New format of storing article pictures
  192. Exception_systemcomponent_classnotfound
  193. OT: forum account
  194. Wishlist vs Noticelist
  195. OXIDforge wiki log in is fixed! :-)
  196. Which edition to choose
  197. Hotfixes for SEPA validation for OXID eShop series 4.4, 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7 published
  198. Who gets the newsletters?
  199. version check API down/broken?
  200. pdf download artcles
  201. What to do about the heartbleed bug?
  202. Multi domain shops
  203. Language handling once again
  204. A bug Clarification
  205. New Planet OXID in a beta status
  206. Guest Checkout Option
  207. Discounts question
  208. Security Disclosure eMail
  209. product variant selection causes ajax ploblems
  210. OXID 4.9.0 Unit Testing
  211. www an Domain anhängen
  212. New Install without erasing Database
  213. Shocking Interview with OXID eSales Developer
  214. White label e-commerce website
  215. OXID job board
  216. OXID/Z-Ray Plugin
  217. Modules installment
  218. Get all customers who bought for more then 50 Euro
  219. Jumping from OXID CE to Bussiness Edition
  220. Adding eBay sales
  221. Main page URL gone crazy
  222. download articles > 250mb are empty
  223. New feature on OXIDforge.org: Quick-submit a tutorial
  224. product details attributes
  225. variants not shown in a cart
  226. variant images
  227. Being prepared for Apache update 2.2 to 2.4
  228. Problem with :&nbsp in html code, corruptet Description
  229. Diagnostic tool error: "CE 4.10.2 in revision xxx does not exist"
  230. stock issue
  231. PHPMailer < 5.2.21 Remote Code Execution: OXID eShop is safe!
  232. Error with multilanguage in CMS pages
  233. Move to another Server, same domainname
  234. Shop update- Shopping cart issue
  235. Order confirmation takes too long
  236. Auto responders
  237. Bulk Data Upload
  238. Product listings in admin are empty
  239. Updated OXIDforge.org
  240. thumbnails and Icons issue in CE 4.10.4
  241. SEO Title tags
  242. Mixed Content after SSL implementation
  243. Data visible in admin page, but not showing on the front