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  1. tutorials, tipp & tricks and how tos....
  2. overload or extend core/* files?
  3. Building REST web services, what are the minimum files I should include?
  4. Building extension for aftersales: extending oxUser
  5. extending the language array
  6. user login
  7. How to set min order in EE 2.7?
  8. How to Extend OXID eShop With Modules
  9. Trademark sign "™"
  10. can't delete oxid temp files
  11. "No shipping methods found" error
  12. Need individual attributes query and presentation
  13. Encoding in admin panel. "Replaceable chars in SEO urls" problem.
  14. HTML code in attribute titles and values
  15. PHP-Trainings: anzido-akademie.de
  16. How to insert RSS feed from other site?
  17. extending oxconfig
  18. accessable article data seems to be incoherent?
  19. How to redirect the home page
  20. Extending Oxid Shop, adding a table/object like vendor / Erweiterung Oxid, Analog zu Hersteller/Vendor
  21. What about developing translations?
  22. Article: how to supercharge your OXID development environment
  23. can i keep all files in a folder for a completely new module ?
  24. Proposal: Multilanguage administration in database instead of lang.php
  25. Zend Server comes with Optimizer 4: incompatible?
  26. American-style address formatting
  27. _aFiledNames or how to extend a database-table
  28. Multilanguage images
  29. Problem with redirecting after payment from bank system.
  30. Unit Testing
  31. Editing lang.php does nothing
  32. eFire and OXID
  33. Using accessories to create configurable products?
  34. Oxid for B2B, requires special fields for orders (e.g. customers order no)
  35. oxarticle class extend problem
  36. inheritance problem
  37. problem with article variants display
  38. ERP SOAP Client Create
  39. Showing product variants in minibasket
  40. adding additional fields to datatable
  41. Help needed jQuery and collapsible sections
  42. notepad++ & Smarty Tag Plugin for this editor
  43. How does the template override work?
  44. Verrrrry strange problem with seourl....
  45. Multilanguage attributes in CE/PE/EE
  46. Better debug informations
  47. Wrong handling of "no picture" situation in "getPictureUrl()"
  48. How to add a new menu item in the admin panel
  49. I have problem with my payment mudule
  50. Developing with PE
  51. Using OpenID
  52. User import problems
  53. Replacing developer mailing list with a forum
  54. Involve own "library" of util classes
  55. Custom (aggregate) fields in objects
  56. MVC ? Where is the Model?
  57. Price Display Setting
  58. if(usergroup == "testuser") ??
  59. Oxid PostgreSQL support
  60. OXID without Smarty?
  61. Attribute display problem
  62. Fourth step in shopping cart with an error on discounts
  63. Editor für Longdescription2
  64. Multilanguage NOT working properly!
  65. The xtCommerce/Gambio GX shop-systems inherit from OXID...
  66. Problems with multilaguage
  67. "Timebombs" in OXID
  68. Question for the OXID developers.....
  69. Classes alist / search: Redirect to product when only 1 in list
  70. Extending the registration
  71. Can form creator be issued by Java Script?
  72. Why does exportLexwareOrders ignor oxcustnr ?
  73. can OXID calling eBay?..
  74. SVN Web Access changed?
  75. How do I place a file in the core folder into the modules folder? Same for .tpl files
  76. Question for the OXID developers (superfluous redirect after adding an article to the cart)
  77. Global variables for diffrent paths
  78. How to change product.tpl in a good way?
  79. Checkout: How to display choice of purchase methods if session cookie is set?
  80. Add a new row in database
  81. Difference between PE und CE - sending Order-confirmation Mail
  82. why is active state multilingual in oxcategory?
  83. Errors in Slovak translation
  84. New wiki article: List of not overloadable classes
  85. Error at the bottom on the first page
  86. All prices incl. VAT, plus Shipping
  87. Open account page
  88. how to display 2 news items in start page
  89. is there a social bookmarking for oxid 4.4
  90. language custom file name change?
  91. Payment prozess
  92. any variable to denote that new product for 14 days
  93. Coding standards
  94. where should i enable the comparision
  95. Top_Items in Content.tpl (Random-Gen Widget)
  96. Navigation Tree in Cart View
  97. SQL Nomenclature
  98. API Support for Module-Developers
  99. pagination for newest articles
  100. manufacturer list in alphabetical order
  101. Saferpay for Oxid CE
  102. Zoom feature is not working (Shop migrated from CE4.3 to 4.4)
  103. Twoxi
  104. Menu structure not refreshed
  105. Problem with deleting items from noticelist and wishlist
  106. PHP into .tpl files ?
  107. oxuserid in invite.tpl
  108. facebook invitations
  109. Problem with ResponseHandler Class
  110. get shipping cost per article
  111. Oxid-Testshops
  112. get Article No from DB
  113. How to use OXID functions in tpl files?
  114. CSS problem
  115. database fields
  116. add custom field - parse html?!
  117. refresh articlelist
  118. Not all values loaded in category
  119. Import and Export Product
  120. oxbasket extend problem
  121. use home as private sales welcome page
  122. Show the strike trough price with discount
  123. Problems with JS(yahoo) in administration with attribute_category.tpl
  124. Screencast: New handling of Smarty template inheritance
  125. Export Script for ladenzeile.de
  126. multiple Persparams problem
  127. Setting shop language from view class module
  128. Topseller products on each page?
  129. Multidimensional variant pictures
  130. session lost
  131. payment return handling
  132. A little question about OXID session
  133. New Class for a new table
  134. SQL query to get default category
  135. How to set language(for store,products etc)
  136. I am helpless Smart or something else?
  137. Design Patterns - function overriding in moduls
  138. setParameter no longer works?
  139. Direct link to the first variant
  140. Some questions to write my first module (jquery / oxid)
  141. oxid id free choosable?
  142. Need some guideness
  143. get user object (for mail address) in details.tpl template
  144. Default Currency _header.tpl
  145. Template loading fails with Slovak language
  146. Writing a module for very custom products...
  147. Attribute Filter in Category tree
  148. GetarticleList() in Details
  149. Category pages, article lists and custom sort order
  150. Oxid eSales Languages
  151. Creating own modules (general)
  152. How to update "Payment Date" from module
  153. Soap Error - magento2oxid
  154. OXID VM 2.0 - Out in the Wild!
  155. function of OXCATID in oxcontents table
  156. Coding Standards
  157. Fixing high-ish TTFB (Time To First Byte)
  158. OXID 4.5.2 CE Update on Virtual Machine
  159. Enhancing views/thankyou.php
  160. oxsellist in oxuserbasketitems
  161. Overriding oxUtilsPic::resizeImage()
  162. manual orders
  163. Additional information for articles in order overview
  164. tags language problem
  165. moving shop from one server to another
  166. Any mechanism in place for extending new map.php file?
  167. Redirect user after login to payment or order
  168. oxid 4.5.x tables/fields documentation/Nomenklatur
  169. List of Events (in the programming sense)
  170. creating a cronjob in oxid
  171. fetch members of usergroup
  172. Discount without VAT
  173. Is the a oxarticlesChangedEvent?
  174. reduce loading time for variants
  175. PHP typo in out/admin/en/help_lang.php ?
  176. force_sid
  177. Product rating
  178. oxSession in OXID 4.2.0
  179. live site not working in local environment
  180. facebook app bug
  181. Integration of New lang. file
  182. Payment costs calculation: negative basket sums and
  183. oxblock - different block in different shops
  184. Cron in oxid 4.5.4
  185. SEO url redirect to home page
  186. multiple Thumbnail Generation
  187. Add new article in current basket
  188. Add external product to DB and basket
  189. What is "additional info" used for?
  190. Several pages for "news" section. (The locator-navigation for "news" section).
  191. Multiple category lists on single page
  192. Using external image servers with OXID
  193. Use one CoreDirectory for multiple Shops
  194. Save cart into cookies or database, if the user is not logged in
  195. Wappalyzer Detection
  196. Oxid performance
  197. Random Article in Category List
  198. Integration of OXID into existing PHP+MySQL site
  199. how to extend product export functinality
  200. Change in core files stopped working of system
  201. how to get all product list
  202. How can I get the product link
  203. Empty Payment Method Selected
  204. how can I build an article object
  205. How to get Current currency symbol
  206. echoding and decoding config values
  207. Undefined property: object_ADOConnection::$fetchMode
  208. Hackaton March 9th and 10th in Halle
  209. Get shipping translation according to language
  210. Auto-Update Style (CSS) Sheets
  211. How to load different templates
  212. embeddign php in smarty templates
  213. How to get array index using a variable as index in tpl file
  214. export of disabled articles
  215. PHP warnings; in_array () expects parameter in oxubase.php + cannot modify header information in oxuitils.php
  216. Displaying discounts
  217. Importing Images via the SOAP Interface
  218. Articles Per page in OXID 4.5.x in /admin
  219. cloud-zoom-lens border problem
  220. 9k categories
  221. Changes via ERP SOAP are not persistent
  222. Module is not overwriting proper
  223. Adding a new field in OX tables and accessing it in shop
  224. Scale price is not working with variants
  225. strange css problem
  226. variant product inherited parent product price
  227. oxutisfile override
  228. Which database table are the SEO URLS stored in oxid version 3.x
  229. Static SEO URL's Migration from CSV file to OXID eShop
  230. Change article seo url
  231. Adding Extra filed in oxpayments table
  232. Missing the salutation for some orders
  233. Product search filter
  234. How to display SEO Title Dynamically
  235. SQL Query Top Seller Article by Category
  236. Where does variant "from" price field come from?
  237. Language variable in javascript
  238. oxseo fixed url
  239. Detecting active extensions
  240. Recalculate Order
  241. Problem with _sendOrderByEmail
  242. oxprices module
  243. first module help needed
  244. base.tpl: oxidBlock_pageScript? What is this?
  245. Changes/updates to metadata.php file don't apply
  246. Guide: persParam with oxcmp_basket->addToBasket function
  247. module interferes with admin ajax popups (assign stuff)
  248. Load image from subdomain
  249. Set back database result internal pointer ?
  250. Getting error for ordering a product entry in database.