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  1. How to adopt the existing template set or how to implement a new one
  2. How to diplay "My Account" Box in a different place???
  3. Article-display-bug
  4. Got confused by the 4.0 Template Structure need a hint.
  5. Displaying regular and discounted price & changing crossed out price look
  6. Bug: Metatag description / Metatag keywords are not displayed in
  7. "NO DESIGN" Template published
  8. Available Variables in Templates
  9. Logo Size
  10. Path to resources
  11. Zen Cart Templates and Design
  12. bug/feature - get templates 4 free
  13. Checkout schritt 1 bis 5
  14. Löschbutton im Warenkorb
  15. Template Include Order
  16. Confusion regarding front page controls
  17. Flash header to appear only on the front page
  18. Free and available templates
  19. Login buttons wrongly placed
  20. Colour change text and background.
  21. Search: Suche: Oxid 4 Templates
  22. Generating Popups
  23. Display Products of Specific Category
  24. Inefficient access to language texts?
  25. Setup different category with picture in Homepage
  26. details.tpl vs. details_persparam.tpl
  27. Figuring out a better way to handle template updates
  28. Translation of "pdf rechnung"
  29. multiple images
  30. CMS entry with timing
  31. Get discounted price value and 3 row product list possible?
  32. Design to OXID-Template, JOB
  33. Attributes in product.tpl
  34. Cart-bug (and solution)
  35. getIconUrl and getPictureUrl
  36. Bug 0001366 Voucher Button
  37. Can anyone help me creating a theme?
  38. How to make a theme?
  39. Include media files in product.tpl
  40. Templete Documentation
  41. Template override for "admin" templates
  42. How to make a template-changer
  43. "Customers who bought this product also bought"
  44. Logo in email
  45. changing colours by admin "Look&Feel"
  46. CMS Category how to include?
  47. Editing Contents of Invoice PDF
  48. Language Selection as Drop Down
  49. News Module in community edition ?
  50. How do I change the icon & text colour of My Account box
  51. Zoom Picture in product.tpl
  52. How to display category tree on each template
  53. Eigene Aktionen abfragen
  54. Abfrage der Benutzergruppe im Template
  55. Modification category_tree.tpl
  56. [{oxifcontent}]
  57. Overview templates
  58. Template Documentation on the Basis of YAML
  59. switch between product with images and without as list?
  60. Style thankyou page
  61. Problem with $linkslist in Template
  62. language-depending blocks (if language == en or smth. like that)
  63. PHP based shopping cart scripts
  64. How can i edit free html template?
  65. identifier of horizontal lines
  66. Create external link
  67. How much?
  68. Product Categories and Information Links at the same time
  69. Get current page seo url?
  70. Looking for template code for mega dropdown menu
  71. manufacturers slider disappeared from home page ( Azure Template)
  72. Oxtags Field
  73. Which template controls the category pages?
  74. One page checkout
  75. Azure: How to set current category class in tpl/widget/header/topcategories.tpl
  76. Embedding Flash many tries, help!!
  77. Nährwerttabelle auf der Detailseite
  78. First page when I press the products
  79. Sidebar on both sides of the startpage!
  80. Viemo or Youtube Lightbox
  81. Removing Blocks/Widgets ver 4.5.0
  82. Move a facebook share button.
  83. How to add a new block in the sidebar? (CE 4.5.1 / azure)
  84. Listing all used .tpl : Where to add "$smarty->debugging_ctrl = 'URL' " ?
  85. How to change RRP to MRP
  86. City before Street in Contact
  87. Icon images format
  88. remove home button in main menu
  89. Manufacturer name
  90. where to find templates
  91. shopping cart software
  92. Understanding how basket items are traversed in basket.tpl
  93. Invoice / pdf text size change
  94. new Look & Feel modul ?
  95. Launch iFrame in Lightbox possible using the oxzoompictures.js ?
  96. Dynamicly inlcude CMS-pages?
  97. Solution: Dynamicly inlcude CMS-pages
  98. Home page promotion for multiple categories + hide price
  99. Variable in templates , e.g contact us etc
  100. Selection List
  101. Cleanest way to deactivate zoom?
  102. Newsletter: Integration of new variables
  103. An icon "New" on my product page
  104. Force picture handler to create new images
  105. Show Manufacturer in product.tpl
  106. OXID way to add a smarty modifier
  107. You are here: / Register
  108. Theme settings & theme metadata file
  109. How to display whole category tree
  110. update 4.6.5 to 4.7.0
  111. How to get the Basic-Theme back in Version 4.7.1 PE?
  112. current page effect
  113. Copy template config for Version 5.0
  114. template block ooverride
  115. How to redirect to basket after adding a product
  116. Box specCatBox not showing on custom template
  117. admin headitem add css stylesheet
  118. SAFA-Template for Sale
  119. Best Practice Mail Template Development
  120. Search Box
  121. Problem with Variable inside a block
  122. Google Web Font wird nicht richtig angezeigt
  123. Backgroundfarbe ändern Azure
  124. OXID Mobile Theme LESS compiling issues
  125. Where is <head> section and so on? [help]
  126. Finde Theme Button im Backend nicht
  127. oxcontent ident same code not working in 4.6.5
  128. Show variable value from post in template
  129. Show variant price in variant list Azure
  130. Azure theme_options.php overriden by Mobile
  131. Which variables are available in the theme?
  132. Page with only a CMS-Page
  133. List articles from current category AND subcategories?
  134. oxVendorlist in categorylist.tpl
  135. How do I work with smarty variables in Oxid
  136. Variant select menu as HTML select
  137. Shipping rules during checkout
  138. Load CSS and JS without ?variable
  139. Get SSL-Links everywhere on the Shop
  140. How to call OXID (from DB (oxattribute)) in a template (like Attribute->title)
  141. Keep showing subcategories of main category
  142. How to remove the right column from the default oxid theme?
  143. Switch Position of Welcome Text and Promoslider
  144. Calling oxattributes in basket?
  145. Mobile Theme with CMS content
  146. Inserting code into <head>my new code</head> tag
  147. How to find out if an item is already in the Notice List?
  148. Displaying Dynamic Content in Custom *.tpl from *.php
  149. OXID Responsive Layout?
  150. ALEXA integration into OXID
  151. Overriding the contact.tpl template
  152. W3C Messages
  153. Top offer in categories
  154. add another just arrived bar oxid
  155. Free template
  156. Website and mobile templates
  157. Missing functions in smarty
  158. Hide "OUR BRANDS"
  159. oxmultilang ident="PRODUCT"
  160. Include contact form in other pages
  161. Mobile optimization
  162. Open Register Form (or any single site) in a Pop-Up-Window
  163. Need to change menu items 3 to 6 ( 3BrandsTopNavi)
  164. Icon image is blurry
  165. Can not modify text in footer template
  166. How to access oxRegistry classes from a Template file?
  167. How to send selected data from form to controller?
  168. How to add a script to the Thank You page?
  169. Image source missing for slider, and different image being used in the cart.