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Forum Rules

Welcome to the OXID Community forum!

If you're new here and need assistance, or have questions about the setup of OXID eShop, then you're exactly right here! We are all friendly people, don't bite and help whenever we can. At some point, you'll surely also be able to help by yourself and others and we'll be glad to hear your advice and assistance in this forum too!

To benefit all forum participants, we have established some rules. If you infringe against the forum rules, we'll point our your error and ask you to be more careful in future. In case of repeat-offences or if it is obvious that you intend to bother other forum users, we reserve the right to shorten posts or edit/remove them without notice.

1. Registration and Account

1.1 Registration is required for active participation; with a user account you'll be able to post new posts and threads in the forum. In addition, you'll get access to the extension marketplace OXID eXchange.

1.2. You're basically free in the choice of your nickname (user name) but no one should feel insulted or offended. The same applies to your avatar. This avatar also must not be copyrighted and the authorized use must be proved if requested.

1.3. There can be a link to your own website or to your own online store. Banners or an intrusive formatting is not allowed, because ultimately, the posts are relevant. Since the posts are open to the public, we recommend not to provide personal information such as phone number, e-mail or postal address.

1.4. Multiple logins (multiple accounts per user) and group accounts that are used by alternating users are not allowed and will be deleted.

2. Behavior in Forum

2.1. As usual everywhere on the Internet, we here also ask for open, courteous and respectful interaction. Always remember that on the other side there is a human being.

2.2. Among like-minded people here in the forum we have decided to use informal speech (might be irrelevant in some languages).

2.3. Everybody was a beginner at one point. So please be indulgent with people who are just getting to know OXID. What matters is your willingness to help and the quality of your posts.

2.4. Personal communication with moderators and administrators should be limited to issues that can not be handled in the public forum. Support requests are answered only in the public areas of the forum; moderators and administrators are not service providers or implementation agencies.

2.5. Please think when writing your posts to the attention of the spelling (especially Capitalization and punctuation), so your concern is readable and understandable.

2.6. Please use quotes sparingly. Reference to a previous post does not require the citation of the whole post.

2.7. Irrelevant topics without an intent for discussion or with a clear aim to bother, literal and content-relevant repetitions as well as multiple and cross postings are prohibited.

2.8. Each post belongs in only one thread. The translation into another language and posting it into the associated forum does not increase the speed of response.

2.9. Please use the search of the forums before creating a new request. Many issues have already been addressed several times. Only create a new request if you can't find a solution or if this is out of date.

2.10. Create meaningful headlines and do not use capital letters in the posts. Phrase your questions so that they can be understood quickly and accurately. Deliver as much information (e.g. about your system environment) and omit the word "crystal ball" in the response.

2.11. Please give us feedback if our advice helped you. This not only delights the tipster but also helps the following forum visitors.

2.12. Intrusive and lurid advertising and calls for (paid) problem solving outside the forums are explicitly not desired. The moderators will make this decision depending on the current activity of the user in the forums.

3. Legal aspects, placement of links and other notes

3.1. A violation of copyright, trademark and naming rights will not be tolerated. Similarly protected texts and images mustn't be inserted or appended without authorization.

3.2. The legally guaranteed corporate and personal rights must not be violated. Violations or requests for violations of the law will not be tolerated.

3.3. It is not permitted to publish private communications (even in part) without the authorization of the original source.

3.4. Not approved negative statements about people, companies, organizations as well as on products and services could be treated as elements of crime (slander) and can be punished accordingly by the victim.

3.5. Links to commercial sites are not allowed in the post if there is no clear relevance with regards of content to the topic of the discussion.

3.6. Used software licenses may not be offered in the forum.

3.7. Each post in this forum reflects the views of the author. Moderators are responsible for their own posts.

3.8. The forum operator, OXID eSales AG, shall be responsible for the domestic authority.

Board FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

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