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Marco Steinhaeuser 12-03-2016 12:29 AM

Translation center updated to OXID eShop stable 4.10.2
Dear volunteer translators,

I recently updated the translation center for OXID eShop language files
from version 4.9.4 to version 4.10.2 and included the files for the new
responsive Flow theme.

In a result, it now looks like that:

Additionally, I made your work available to the public on different
* OXID eXchange: http://exchange.oxid-esales.com/Nach...y-Translators/
* OXIDforge: https://oxidforge.org/en/downloads-en
* OXID Module Connector via GitHub: https://github.com/OXIDprojects/OXID...ecipes/otrance

May I please ask you for activity again? Please help us to get OXID eShop
translated into many other translations and to keep those translations
maintained. Every help from your side is welcome, and may it be you just do
five or ten of the language keys shortly before end of business - if there
are enough volunteers to help with it, it'll work out perfectly ;)

Thanks a lot in advance!

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