Default The OXIDforge is gone, long live OXIDforge!

Hi folks,

last night I finished working on the .htaccess file for redirecting the old Wiki entries to the new OXIDforge. In other words: please don't panic if you find the old wiki gone - the contents can still be found on the new OXIDforge

In case you find something strange, missing something or anything else, please leave a message on the feedback form on new OXIDforge (right hand side). Please do not try to give me these tasks via Skype, FB messanger or anything else as I can't keep track on these tasks then.

Also I may need your help: If you want to join the content team (checking daily posts, re-arranging stuff, deciding if posts shall be published or not, taking on such tasks etc.) please drop me a message. The more we are the quicker we'll see superb results

Thanks in advance

Will ignore unsolicited support requests via PM, email or IM.
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