Default Admin popup in oxid 6

hey guys,

I'm struggling with this problem. In our module we have a popup that associates article to one our models - similar with "actions_article_ajax". The problem is I can't find a way to declare the "model_article_ajax" class.

Line in question is in oxajax.php, there is oxnew($sContainer)

What I tried, if I keep the container name simple, as "model_articles" then "model_articles_ajax" is not found. Sure, because it expects a namespaced class name.
If I use for the container name the whole namespaces name, as in comp\CompModule\Application\Controller\Admin\model _articles, than ajax.php makes all in lowercase and class "comp\compmodule\application\aontroller\admin\mode l_articles" is not found.

Currently I have the class in the controllers section in metadata defined:

'controllers' => array(
'model_articles_ajax' => comp\CompModule\Application\Controller\Admin\model _articles_ajax::class,

all seems all right, the other controllers in the section work fine.

Any hints?

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