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Due to growing interest in the responsive web design paradigm, we decided to build a framework for rapid development of responsive templates for oxid shops.

The latest version of our responsive templates as of april 2013 is based on a framework that allows even faster and easier customization of layout and design.

Whats new / changed
- reduced page compilation time, compared to the original responsive template .
- painless customizations fitting almost every layout structure.
- removed references between JavaScript and HTML, simplifiying the positoning of Widgets and renaming of containers.
- optimized header for all movile devices based on mobile-first design guidelines
- basket and checkout process are responsive too.
- using LESS for flexible CSS coloring rules, definition of a primary color is sufficient for the CSS to adapt the color scheme.
- separate styles for categories
- support for multiple .tpl- and .css-files, simplyfying debugging and testing.
- dozens of optimizations for smartphones and tablets.
- thanks to the community we included many suggestions.

We love feedback and promise to consider any proposals made.

For details, pricing and support, please followt the links in the signature.
__________________ - Service, Responsive Templates, Module und SEO für OXID Shops

- NEU: Responsive Templates auch für ältere OXID Shops ab Version 4.6!
Zoxid - Das Responsive OXID Template - Demo:
Responsive OXID Template Framework - Plattform für neue responsive Templates.
OXID Daten Import Modul - Intelligenter Datenimporter für Kategorien und Artikel aus Excel / CSV

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