3 questions

I’m using OXID eShop CE 4.5.6 and have few questions

  1. Where I can change icons size and can I set different sizes for Category, Manufacturers, Distributors … icons?

  2. In Core Settings -> Performance there is checkbox " Load and display Manufacturer List " where can be found " Load and display Disributors List "

  3. In version 4.4 Core Settings -> Settings -> Shop frontend there were “Display Category Navigation at Top” and more settings available, why they were removed?

3.a. Solved 3. by adding

                    <input type=hidden name=confbools[blTopNaviLayout] value=false>
                    <input type=checkbox name=confbools[blTopNaviLayout] value=true  [{if ($confbools.blTopNaviLayout)}]checked[{/if}] [{ $readonly}]>
                    [{ oxinputhelp ident="HELP_SHOP_CONFIG_TOPNAVILAYOUT" }]
                    [{ oxmultilang ident="SHOP_CONFIG_TOPNAVILAYOUT" }]
                <div class="spacer"></div>

did I have to do it, or this checkbox was moved somewhere else?


please check Master Settings -> Themes -> YOUR THEME -> Settings

It is not intended to use Distributors in Frontend, only Brands/Manufacturers. Distributors is only to be used internally.


first there were no settings in my new theme ( only basic and azure ). Following documentation on wiki solved my all issues.

Thanks a lot