Add a new row in database

Hi all,
In older version of OXID when I add a new field (attribute) and to save the DB I do this:

<input type=“text” class=“editinput” size=“32” maxlength="[{$edit->oxarticles__test->fldmax_length}]" name=“editval[oxarticles__test]” value="[{$edit->oxarticles__test->value}]">

Now I use the Oxid PE 4.3.2 and I see that this is not working anymore

as of my information that works very well in version 4. Did you empty the tmp folder?

Now it’s working fine.
I think the cache was the problem

I got with the same Problems some futher errors. In the Backend all is fine. The new Fields are displayed and saved. But in die Frontend the fields were created in the product object but the values of these new fields are “NULL”

But there is Content visible in die Database and the Backend.