Adding new (custom) database table with multilanguage

I have small problem…
I’ve just add new table with CMS Pages special categories.
At this time i have create assigning categories to concrete CMS Page.

cmspagecategories tabl looks like this:

When i want get table name with categories by:
method return me string(‘cmspagescategories’)…
question is how to use with this database views? i need oxv_cmspagescategories_de but oxid didn’t create table views automatic.

i refreshed DB views…
i have turn on 3 languages in oxid.

P.S i found this:
Resolved mean that someone answer on this bug? or it should be fixed? if yes where is solution?

Sorry :]

I found solution:

[B]extends of oxLang[/B]

class customoxlang extends customoxlang_parent {

public function getMultiLangTables()
    return array_merge(array('cmspagescategories'), parent::getMultiLangTables());


[B]and add in[/B]

  • Additional multi language tables
    $this->aMultiLangTables = array(‘cmspagescategories’);