An OXID Book?

Anybody know of a book on OXID? I think the community needs one!

Here’re the many available on Magento -

Feel free to print the manual. That has always the latest informations.

Or buy an e-Book-Reader an read the manual on this.

No no no… wrong attitude - geek mentality!

Books are good for marketing. They attract developers, world-wide and give confidence to the buying community.

A book is a sign of maturity of the community.

To the gurus here… pick up the pen, hit the keyboard… :slight_smile:


unfortunately, there is no printed book yet although the shouts in the community get louder and louder and the publishers start asking for manuscripts…
I would really love to see some ambitious guys getting together in a project like this. Let me know if you want to step in.


Yes, I’d be interested in taking up a couple of chapters.