Artifact following weight display

Hello, whenever I enter a weight, it displays with the following artifact, “Weight: 0.44 WIDGET_PRODUCT_PR.” I checked the language and template files but everything seems to be in order. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you. :slight_smile:

Shopversion and Theme? Modified?

Hello Leofonic, thank you for your reply. Shopversion: Template: v6c_Azure. I am using the North American version of Azure. I myself have not modified the theme per se. I have modified and corrected spelling in some of the language files. However, these issues existed before my edits which is what caused me to enter the language files in the first place.

On the homepage just arrived section, it displays as “Weight: 0.44 WIDGET_PRODUCT_PR.”

On the detail page, the weight displays as “Weight: 0.44 DETAILS_ARTWEIGHTUNIT.”

I have a couple other such artifacts showing up now also in the registration page under the cellphone input label as “FORM_FIELDSET_USE” and on the shipping address during checkout under the checkbox “FORM_REGISTER_USE_BILLINGADDRESS_FOR_SHIPPINGADDRESS” and inside the text input field “FORM_FIELDSET_USER_MESSAGEHERE.”


I reckon the map.php file is missing in your installation, right next to the lang.php file for azure :wink:


Well BioGolly, that fixed everything Marco. I did make changes in that file but only in the language portion. I changed KG to LB and VAT to TAX, etc. I did not touch any of the code on the left side of the file. First time I have had this kind of error. Well, first time I also had a “map.php” file. Thank you very much Marco for fixing, yet once again, my broken website!

Happy Birthday Oxiders!

Just a hint: if you have to make changes in your language file, copy the affected keys into cust_lang.php so the next update will not overwrite your changes again.

Do you know about this project (log in with the guest account)?

Somebody promised to start changes for American English so I copied the delivered with the shop English files to it albeit changes haven’t been made yet. I must admit that this translation center is set up for use with the present version 4.7.x - but can be used for 4.6 as well as long one changed the file structure after export. You can maintain your lang changes there if you feel fancy :slight_smile:

P.S.: Could you please enlighten me about “BioGolly”? Couldn’t find anything about it, some local slang word?


Thank you Marco. “BioGolly” is my own concoction. I modified it from the Southern US slang word , Bigolly" which also is not in the dictionary. If you were to watch the old “Andy Griffith Show” or “Mayberry,” one of the characters, “Gomer Pyle” played by Jim Nabors" would oftentimes use the slang expression, “Bi Golly.”

Thanks for the hint. I did read that but compulsively made changes in the language and map files. I will cease doing that now and only make them in the cust_lang.php file.

Thank you also Marco for the invite. There are only a couple files to do the US English translation. I would be happy to make a small contribution by reviewing the 3 or 6 files or so and polishing up the English. I have the following ideas, but these are now off topic in this thread:

Will leave Kg as Kg
Will change VAT to TAX
Will make any spelling changes I come across, e.g., “yuor” to “your.”

Thank you so very much again Marco. I DO really appreciate your help!