Attribute display problem

The display of attribute groups in article lists does not obey the attribute sequence defined in the attribute definition…

If e.g. you take this attribute display , the sequence was defined different from the sequence displayed.

I have analyzed the prob, and I believe the reason for this misbehaviour is as follows:

The attributes are collected in “[B]oxcategory.php[/B]”, “[B]function getAttributes()[/B]”.

The attribute sequence field ("[B]oxpos[/B]") is used for sorting the result in the SQL to fetch the attributes information.

But afterwards the attributes information is stored in an assoziative array, using the attribute-id as key.

As the attribute-ids are constructed like “attr_00001”, “attr_00002”,…,“attr_0000N”, this array gets effectively sorted by the attribute-id instead of the “[B]oxpos[/B]” position indicator…

Another drawback of this approach is, that “attr_000010” follows directly after “attr_00001”…

Hi Avenger,

for me, it sounds like a bug. Would you copy & past it to the bugtracker?