Background color different


If i dont want any background on my pages, i will use this:
#content {
border: 1px solid #CCC;
But there is one page, i need it on:
How can i get around this?
its an external link(designer marketplace module): index.php?cl=marketplace

you can edit your template (where ever the #content container is, i think its a div container) like this:

<div id="container" [{if $oView->getClassName() eq "marketplace"}]class="mybackground"[{/if}]>

so when ever you are on your marketplace page, your div#content will become div#content.mybackground, so you can define a background for it.

I know i didnt do what you suggested so far, but im testing. The below doesnt do anything, but if you do outside the <div>, it will write “some text” (if its “class=“mybackground”” if will also just write that, insted of doing it…).


<div id=“content” [{if $ == “marketplace”}] some text [{/if}]>
[{include file=“message/errors.tpl”}]
[{foreach from=$oxidBlock_content item=“_block”}]

and im pretty sure your code doesnt get the external link?

Very strange. Nows its working with my above code i wrote…