Bug in cart

We have been using Oxid and we found a bug which is , when a user logsin and ad certain things in his cart and then logsout – and then another user uses the same computer and same browser and logsin - the cart number of the previous user is shown. Could you please clarify this bug.

the only bug here is your english repost in a german forum.

why exactly should this shop behaviour be a bug?
if you leave your shopping cart in the local store and someone else picks it up, he will get your articles, too.
in my opinion, the cart belongs to the session and not to a particular user.
Just imagine you put some products into your cart and then realize you are on your mothers account. you “logsout” and lose all the articles you had in your cart with all the configured colors, sizes, weights, amounts, persparams and whatever there might have been. thats bad.

you are right - but they dont like the word ‘bug’ :rolleyes:

@vanilla thunder
in my opinion, the cart belongs to the user - if user is logged in!
And as soon as the user has been logged out the content of the cart should not be visible!