Bug report: unable to enter email address for user without one


since I was unable to find any hint, how or where to file bug reports for oxid, I post it here instead.

Used software: OXID CE 4.8.7, fresh install, demo data added, no 3rd party plugins installed.

How to reproduce:

  1. Manually create a user in the backend. Enter a login name and no email address. Leave address fields empty.

  2. Go to the frontpage shop, login with that user (which works).

  3. Buy something and check it out. You have to enter a shipment address.

  4. Try to continue. This step fails. It says you have to enter a valid email address.

The bug is, that it is not possible to enter an email address at this stage at all. It is also not possible to enter the email address anywhere else from the frontend. The only workaround is to modify the login name in the backend and enter an email address there.

Proposed fix: don’t allow users and admins to enter loginnames instead of email addresses.

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