Building REST web services, what are the minimum files I should include?

Hi all,
I want to build REST based web services extensions using the ZendFramework as an Oxid extension. Which core Oxid files do I have to include into my own code for accessing information like

[li] product[/li]
[li] cart[/li]
[li] categories[/li]
[li] etc.[/ul][/li]Would something like

require_once “…/core/oxsupercfg.php”;
require_once “…/core/oxbase.php”;
require_once “…/core/oxI18n.php”;
require_once “…/core/oxarticlelist.php”;

be sufficient for accessing e.g. a list of articles?

  • Raju

And of course: are there any examples for the 4.0 version available. I tried to search for an example, but didn’t find one.


Hi Raju,

The minimal code required to init OXID framework is:

$sOxidConfigDir = “c:/htdocs/oxideshop/eshop/source/”;
function getShopBasePath()

global  $sOxidConfigDir;

return $sOxidConfigDir  . "/";

require_once(getShopBasePath(). “/core/oxfunctions.php”);

require_once(getShopBasePath() ."/core/adodblite/");
//now you can fully use the framework eg:
//$oArtList = oxNew(“oxarticlelist”);

I hope that was helpful :wink: