Button "Weiter zum nächsten Schritt" won't work

I have little question becaouse i today i found weird behavior in my oxid.

I put some products to the basket. Click to checkout.
When i am on step 2 “Adressen wählen” and and click on button: Weiter zum nächsten Schritt
Nothing happen. Any errors in console or any exception or any request send.
But when i click on circle with number 3 (link to step 3) it works.

Anybody had this kind of problem?


Try unchecking “rechnungsadresse als lieferadresse verwenden” and click on the button again, there might be some hidden validation errors which prevent submitting form

This is not this.
But i found problem. I checked other user account and it works. After this i checked user group and the reason was one of assigned group.
But thanks for your concern :slight_smile:

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