Call promotion or action on front page

How can i create another promotion/action like “Just Arrived” promotion/action ?
Also i want to display them on front page, but dont know how to display it?

If anyone know it please suggest a suitable way.
Thanks in advance.

at first you have to create a new promotion/action in the admin backend. Go to the promotions and click on “new promotion” at the bottom.
If you want to show this action on the startpage, you have to extend the start view with a new function which loads your action articles. This function should be called from the start-template.
The function is very simple and should look like this:

public function getYourOwnAction(){
        $oArtList = oxNew( 'oxarticlelist' );
        $oArtList->loadAktionArticles( 'oxid_of_your_action' );

        return $oArtList;


Thanks for reply. got almost except one thing.

For getYourOwnAction this function what should i write in “YourOwnAction”?
as i have checked that for Just Arrived they have written “NewestAction”, but i dont know where they have define that “Just Arrived” should call “NewestAction”.

Thanks Again

in the start.tpl they call $oView->getNewestArticles(). The function getNewestArticles is in the start.php. There the oxarticlelist from the action oxnewest is loaded.

Now you have to add a getter function in an extension of the start.php. In the start.tpl you have to call your new function. getYourOwnAction was just an example. You can call the function whatever you want. The important thing is oxid_of_your_action. Here you have to enter the oxid of the new created action.


Got your point, thanks a lot.

In 4.7.0 it can be written in /application/controllers/start.php