Can we remove the Facebook Livestream feature?

Hi everybody,

this is not a feature request but a request to remove a feature :slight_smile:

I am interested if somebody of you is using the Facebook feature “Livestream” which can seperately be activated from admin panel of OXID eShop from version 4.4.0 on and will displayed on the product item details page.

As far as I understand it from the Facebook post Posting to the Stream in Real Time with the Live Stream Box this feature was made for pages for online events producing massive traffic that I doubt one will reach on just one product page.

Thanks for your vote!

Hi Marco

I’m really eager to see a shop which really uses this feature (seriously).
I believe we won’t find any :wink:

Greetings from Basel

Alright. This poll is closed. The result is clear.


Chatwing has just launched optional facebook login only, just like facebook live streaming chat that will be shutting down October 3rd. Chatwing will make a great alternative.
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