Category staying current/active


Whenever any category is active/focus/current’ly in use, it will be shown, as these 2:
<i have removed the links>

But the first two (“Design selv” & “Markedsplads2”) in the menu, doesnt seem to be able to do this. How can i fix this?

The first two are not real categories, only links to the designer module. You have to ask the module provider whether it’s possible to get highlighting here.

ill do that, thanks :wink:

I also have that issue with “CMS pages”, where i choose “Category” - any way to fix that?

ahh i just talked with someone else about it. it seems as this is just an incomplete part of oxid esales. would be nice tho, if “external links” on the category or the CMS page, would have active links… how can i workout this missing part? like lets say i wanted it as an CMS page, if this is even posible with this version?

Easy way is to use caegories not cms pages. You can put your text or html in the longdescription and use an alternative template to display just the longdescription.

okay, but how do i remove the blue box with the foldername, in only this one? sidebar -> categoryBox