CMS entry with timing

Each cms-entry can be swichted on/off in admin by using active / not active.
Together with this TPL-entry:

[{ assign var="oContD" value=$oView->getContentByIdent("cmsID") }]
	[{if $oContD->oxcontents__oxactive->value == 1}]
	[{oxcontent ident="cmsID"}]

it is easy to manage and not every update must be done at the template - great.

Eaven better there was a timing implemented (something as for discounts) with valid from - to.

How should the code be defined to switch on the CMS-content at a defined date/time on and switch it off a few days/hours later?

Any idea?
Regards, Gregor

Hello Gregor,

actually, I don’t think there is something implemented like you mentioned. Also, I don’t think it could be activated simply by adapting the template. Maybe an extension has to be defined to do so…