Composer operations through Jenkins and OXID 6



Hi again :slight_smile:
I have some weird issue…

I have two servers:

  • admin server with jenkins app
  • oxid server with oxid shops

In jenkins i have created node for connection with oxid server.

… and now…

  • when i launch “composer update --no-scripts --no-plugins” command, composer downloads all new releases of modules if it needs. It’s ok. New modules are in vendor folder.
  • next, when i execute “composer update”, it doesn’t whant to copy new modules from vendor to source folder.

Ofcourse in manual solution composer ask user when it should copy new version of module. But… when it is a Jenkins? I thought that default answer is YES. If no, how can i fix it? If yes, what could be wrong?

P.S composer.lock is updated correct.



I think that i have solution.
rm -rf ./source/modules/{vendorcatalog}/*
after this composer is coping modules.