Connection refused after logging in - admin page

Hi Members,

My main site is appearing correctly but when i direct to admin page or any category or product page. Then, I am facing connection refused. Could you please let me know, what could have went wrong??

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Sounds like a not correct modified .htaccess. If you have your shop in a subfolder you have to edit this file like
RewriteBase /YourShopFolder/source

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Thank you. Rewriting base is loading me products and other pages but once I am submitting the credentials on admin page, then it is refusing the connection as shown in screenshot.

Please check in admin in the menu Service- System Health if your Apache mod_rewrite module is enabled. Sounds like something like that.

I am not able to login to admin. So can`t check System Health but will check Apache mod_rewrite. Also I found it is something to do with x-frame-option. Let me see…Thank you :slight_smile: