Creditpass woes

Hello OXIDians,

I hope someone can help us here. We’ve been banging our heads on the table trying to fix this weird problem with the creditpass module:

On one of our customer websites (OXID 4.2.0_23610), we’re using Creditpass with E-Fire. The efire connector is set up correctly and everything shows up green on all the status indicators (we also use Paypal and Heidelpay, which both work correctly).

The problem appears when [I]we try to order via Rechnung (oxinvoice) without registering for an account “Einkaufen ohne Registrierung”[/I] [B](Correction: it doesn’t work when logged in either :()[/B]. We get to stage 2 of the order, click next and the shop hangs while (presumably) trying to connect to Creditpass. Then, after a short wait, stage 3 is shown where we select “Rechnung” as the payment method. After clicking next/weiter, we are sent back to stage 3 where we have to select the payment method again… we can’t get further than this stage.

In Efire, the creditpass portlet doesn’t seem to show that any Bonitätsprüfung/Credit-check was carried out. The modules/oxcreditpass/log folder has the correct permissions, but is empty. No logs are written. We can’t see what is happening at all. Does anyone know how to activate logging or if there is another location where logs are stored? Or is anyone having/or has anyone had the same problem and know how to fix it? It’s driving us mad here!

We upgraded to the latest version of the creditpass module, but the problem is still there. Here is a list of our modules if it helps:

order_overview => intraship/intraship&oxid2creditPass/oxid2creditPass_order_overview
oxorder => invoicepdf/myorder&oxid2creditPass/oxid2creditPass_oxorder
article_main => markitup/markitup
article_list => articleexport/articleexport
category_text => markitup/markitup
content_main => markitup/markitup
newsletter_main => markitup/markitup
basket => efi_paypal/efi_paypal_basket
order => efi_paypal/efi_paypal_order&efiheidelpay/views/d3_order_heidelpay&oxid2creditPass/oxid2creditPass_order
oxpaymentgateway => efi_paypal/efi_paypal_oxpaymentgateway&efiheidelpay/core/d3_oxpaymentgateway_heidelpay
oxinputvalidator => efiheidelpay/core/d3_oxinputvalidator_heidelpay
payment => efiheidelpay/views/d3_payment_heidelpay&oxid2creditPass/oxid2creditPass_payment

Thanks for any help at all!


Hi Dave,

best would be to turn to support with this issue. They might have a look at the logs in eFire.