Current User Details


I am new to PHP and oxid.I am developing a webshop. How can I take the details of current user who is logged in. I need the code in PHP. The page is not in application folder . I put the page outside the application folder and gave the connection with the database. the page path is public_html/page.php. In this page i need to get the user details(oxid,oxusername etc…) of person who is currently loggged in.

Please help me. Urgent

Thanks in advance.

it will not worl without oxid framework, so you need to include oxid bootstrap first:

require_once "../path/to/oxid/bootstrap.php";
$user = oxRegistry::getSession()->getUser();

$user will give a oxUser object with all the data if user is logged in

Hey vanilla_thunder,

Could you please tell me how can I put require_once “…/path/to/oxid/bootstrap.php”; in a smarty block?

Thank you!

you should not, templates and php backend are two very different things