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I am a consultant working with R. Horns Wien, a leather goods retailer in Vienna, Austria, and I am searching for a freelance OXID programmer/developer or partner agency to submit a proposal to execute an upgrade/migration from CE v4.7.2 to CE v6.x. using existing responsive child theme (built off of Azure) for desktop and mobile. Goals are: Current front-end design and functionality basically unchanged Update OXID CE platform to most current version (currently 6.1) Update PHP & Mysql according to system requirements Implement customization to enable future platform updates Customized templates, translations, CSS, etc. separated from system source files SSL for all content Clean-up of redundant/obsolete code currently in custom template and CSS Integrate all current data (settings, users, orders, products, inventories, images, icons, texts, translations, custom language files…) to updated site Removal of all unused/redundant media Improvements to responsive design Better usability for smart phones Additional requirements: DSVGO/GDPR compliance Opt-in/Opt-out capabilities Registered users may manage own stored data Automatic deletion of user data after set time period Updated AGBs/Datenschutz Conversion tracking for Google and Facebook ads Automated/scheduled backups (to external server) Captcha for user registration / protection against DoS attack Backend Admin Template for editing CMS content, such as News items and retail locations, (add photos, fields for headline, text, link to product/URL, valid dates, checkbox for displaying on index page), automatic photo resizing. Customizable notifications during checkout process (e.g., Xmas delivery cutoff date) Order administration Include shipment tracking…