Display certain categories


i am building a small shop with oxid for a publishing company to sell there books.
i am using two main categories to relate the books to their rubrics and also to their authors. so i have two groups of subcats.
On the details.tlp i want to display just the subcategories that are related to the product, so that i have a line with the authors that are linked to their pages and and also another line with the rubric the product is related to.

i managed to display e.g. just the the authors using a modified copy of the function getCategoryIds in core/oxarticle.php but i couldn´t get their urls.

how can i make a new object for this, like $oCategory, that contains just the related categories and their urls?

thank you for your help,

Hi Chris,

why don’t you simply “misuse” manufacturers for the authors? Should be much easier IMO…