Displaying Hidden Articles in the shop

Hi guys,

I have to display ‘hidden’ products in OXID v.6.1 shop.
So, I am in doubts if that is even possible to be done in OXID?

Because from my research through the classes and components related to the Articles, there is nothing about is any product active or not (oxarticles__oxhidden).

  1. “oxarticles__oxhidden” is mentioned only in the article_main.tpl file and
  2. There is no any …hidden() function that check’s if the product is hidden or not.

For example: In the productmain.tpl template, before displaying to have some check if it’s hidden or not…

Is there any way this to be done or not? Just a small direction is enough…

Thank you very much for your time!

What do you want to achieve? Customer/Product Corelation?


I am not sure, because I have ti as a requirement.
I am also not sure if that is even possible, and is there is some class/function that can be extended so the requirement will be achieved.

Do you have any suggestion @mws_1941?

Thank you very much for your help!

Please specify your requirement more in detail.
E.g. if everybody should see hidden articles, just unflag hidden. :wink:
If only logged in users should see these items, i would recommend a Module that looks for registered users and extends an oxid function (sql snippet)
If only some of the users should see a range of specific hidden items, i do have module for that constellation as a business solution to buy.

Regards marcel

public function getActiveCheckQuery($blForceCoreTable = null)
    $sTable = $this->getViewName($blForceCoreTable);

    // check if article is still active
    $sQ = " $sTable.oxactive = 1 ";

    $sQ .= " and $sTable.oxhidden = 0 ";

    // enabled time range check ?
    if ($this->getConfig()->getConfigParam('blUseTimeCheck')) {
        $sQ = $this->addSqlActiveRangeSnippet($sQ, $sTable);

    return $sQ;