Displaying regular and discounted price & changing crossed out price look


  1. I wanted to change how the regular price and discounted price would be displayed. If i have the same price in both fields they both show up.

I wanted the regular price to show only, if that price is discounted.

Trying to change the detail.tpl and inc.productitem.tpl (which I couldnt find), I discovered the code is different from the 3.0 version.

e.g. this is a link to how it is explained what should be done www.oxid-esales.com/de/forum/showthread.php to change it in 3.0

  1. I would like to erase that crossed out look of the regular price.

How do i change both of that?

If anybody could help this php newbie , that would be great.

Oh btw I’m using oxid PE4

Thanks in advance


Hi Zeitgeist,

Replace indetails.tpl line 161 to 168 with following:

Discounted price is now only displayed if it is smaller than regular price.
This modification only effects to details page. In order to change it in entire shop
you should modify the product.tpl (inc folder) the same way.

Line 162 in details.tpl. The “del” tags are responsible to the crossed out look.
What do you want to change exactly?