Does OXID have easy stock level maintenance facility?


again with inventory, but this time the question is about stock/inventory level.

I cannot find an option in OXID that allows updating of the inventory level in a truly workable fashion.

For example, when we receive new inventory from our suppliers, at the moment it looks like we will need to do:

Admin --> Administer Products --> [Product] --> Stock/Variants

…for every single product. This will take a very long time and for a powerful shop like OXID it is not appropriate. Am I missing something?

Is there a quicker way to update stock levels?

Also, are there plans to allow interfacting with ofBiz/opentaps if there are no plans to improve the OXID stock management feature?


Hi V.,

this is a pretty interesting question. I still wonder how could one update the stock level not touching every single product? Maybe a good idea for an extension: Show a list of all products and their present stock level and make the field for stock level editable.
I heared about a handful of interfaces for several ERP systems but nothing about ofBiz/opentaps yet unfortunately.