Download Extension / Payments

We just downloaded the 4.6.0 Beta RC 1 and we are overwhelmed. It’s a great piece of software and the support for digital products is great.

The only thing I couldn’t find out - how do you set up that the download links are sent automatically whent he customers pays by direct debit, credit card, etc? We are offering more than 60,000 MP3-Downloads, so it is not possible to sent the links manually with each order.

The links should be active automatically in confirmation email when set “purchased only” in backend.
As well they show up in customers account below “order history”.

More info in this screencast:


The principle is that on payment by Direct Debit or Credit Card the order is already Paid (and marked as such in eShop) at the same moment when payment transaction is processed.
So you can attach the files to product and (as told before) mark the option “Download is available only after purchase” (previously called “Purchased only”) for these files. In this case when order is instantly paid during order process, the automatic emails to customers (which are sent after order is submited) already includes active links to files of purchased products.


… “Download is available only after purchase”[/B] (previously called “Purchased only”) for these files. …[/QUOTE]

I have been searching for this feature for some time.