Duplicate order number

I had an old site running on OXID PE 4 and i exported its database and imported into my new shop running on OXID PE 6.0.4

Migrations are fine, but i made a test order and noticed one thing that the last order number in my old shop was ORDERNR = 992

After importing database into new shop and creating a test order, ORDERNR started at = 973 and so on…

But ORDERNR 973 already exists from my old shop.

Shouldn’t the ORDERNR be started from 993, where the old shop left?

Any idea members? I think its a big problem having multiple orders with same order number

Without going too deep here, I have a very pragmatic proposal, especially as the dead line seems to come close: can’t you simply add 20 test orders? ^^

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Will it be a good idea if i add dummy values from phpmyadmin (just to increase the counter), or should i follow the shop order process?

I would increase the counter

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Back on desk - what @vanilla_thunder says. Maybe this is helpful for you, @Mohsin_Javaid:

Of course, “counter” shall be used instead of “oxcounter” in Versions > 6

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@vanilla_thunder @marco.steinhaeuser but isn’t this order creation a part of oxid core file? Which resides in vendor folder. Do i have to alter that file if i have understand correctly?

Nope. Just alter the database. Core just adds the next iteration.

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@marco.steinhaeuser @vanilla_thunder sorry but, how am i suppose to increase the counter exactly in database? :sweat_smile:

This is the table “oxcounters” there i see the counter for orders, should i just set this to… 992 ? so that it starts from 993 where old shop left?

@marco.steinhaeuser @vanilla_thunder the problem is solved. Just had to increase the counter in “oxcounters” table in database. :slightly_smiling_face:

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