E-fire and paypal module

I have OXID CE 4.6.4 installed and pretty much configured now.
I need a credit card interface…

I was told that being in Australia I may or may not be able to use the PayPal interface but either way I would require e-fire first. I understand that there may be a solution.

Can someone tell me the steps to take to get e-fire happening then how I can get a copy of the PayPal portal? I cannot download it due to an unknown “street number” error.




first of all the platform you mean is called OXID eFire, you find it here: https://www.oxid-efire.com.

Guess you tried to download the eFire PayPal module from OXID exchange. This module only works together with an eFire account. Once you have that account, you have to run through the activation workflow for the so called PayPal Portlet.

As you posted your question in the english forum and seem to live in Australia: do you speak german? Because currently the eFire frontend is german only.

Have a look at it and feel free to ask for more information.

Hi and thanks for the advice.

I can read German (somewhat) however Google Chrome translates the pages better anyway! :slight_smile:
My problem is that after registering, and attempting to deposit €50 Euros, the system can’t accept my Visa Credit Card and I tried to different banks. Very frustrating. I have written to the person on the footer whose details are listed ([email protected]) for assistance.

All I want is to be able to use PayPal’s module with 4.6 CE so I can process credit cards.



Hey Don,

have you seen this one already?


Thanks Marco,

I have been communicating with Shaun and it is in and working.

I have been communicating with Shaun and it is in and working.[/QUOTE]

Thanks dude. Let us know everything about this module: working or not, with which version, pros & cons etc. :wink: