Efire module support for the UK?

I would like to sign-up for the Oxid eFire to connect to PayPal for my shop.

When I try to complete the Oxid eFire registration form, the address field (country) doesn’t not have an option for the UK only for the USA,France and Switzerland.

How do I register my contact details when it won’t allow me to enter a UK address?

OXID eFire is not yet available for other European countries germany. Templates and user interface only available in german and it’s localized for DACH.
Most services are useful for Germany. But it’s no issue at all if you want only to use PayPal: Just register for any country and fill in remark: “located in UK”. That’s enough for being registered correctly.
If you’re familiar using german user interface, it’s no prob at all also use some other services like billiger.de.