Elefunds Module for OXID eShop

This is the official support thread of the elefundsOXID modul. You can download the module files at OXID exChange.

This module is compatible to [U]OXID V4.7.0 to V4.8.x[/U] .
With a little “know-how” it shouldn’t be hard to implement this module to a shop version below. You can take the code out of the blocks which are assigned in the metadata.php and implement it hard to the templates like in the early days of OXID (before 4.5.0).

A version for earlier shop versions is not planed.

If you got an Problem and report it here, please don’t forget to share your [B]shopversion und edition[/B] (f.e. CE v4.7.6).
Feel free to pull any changes to the Git repository of elefunds-OXID. Thank you

I personally like the idea very much :slight_smile:

In this guest blog Tim Wellmanns, founder of elefunds, explains a bit more detailed how it this module works. Have fun reading it and watching the film.