Error with multilanguage in CMS pages

When creating CMS page, I cant set English content. Everywhere it is working, like product editing but except here. For example when editing product, I successfully change the English description.

But needed to create single page and I went to Customer Info -> CMS pages and created some page. When I edit German content it saves it also for English content. (In DB views it is updated also). When I try to edit English content, it cant be edited. Only when German is selected but it affects both records.

When trying to edit SEO data it works fro both langauages. My problem is only when trying to edit CMS page content on the English.

I installed version 4.9.9, but also notice that in 4.7.6 also I have the same problem

Can’t reproduce it in :frowning:


Is there a demo page for enterprise version. Not proffessional version

[QUOTE=ivo.kuzov;185273]I installed version 4.9.9, but also notice that in 4.7.6 also I have the same problem[/QUOTE]
4.7.6 and 4.9.9 are versions of the Professional and Community Edition. If you have problems with an Enterprise Edition please contact the support team.


I am sorry. It is community edition. It is my mistake. I am using Community Edition v 4.9.9

Demoshop Community Edition you can find here:

Very strange. I notice that in the database table oxcontents, OXTITLE and OXCONTENT were after OXTITLE_1 and OXCONTENT_1 and after I reorder these columns the problem was fixed.

I think it is related something with DB Views, but not sure at all what was the problem

Really strange. Thanks for your feedback anyway!