Forced generation of CEO info


I have a following problem:
For advertizing, I generate a CSV sheet every two hours which contains all items in stock, with product number, name, price, stock, and URL to the item. The URL makes me problems - if the item was never opened as a webpage, it has no URL in OXSEO table, and then the item can not be included. I just found that several items which are potentially interesting for my customers are not in the generated list, as there is no SEO URL in english for them, which makes me loosing money. I can of course just manually open the page for each product which I have in stock, but doing this for several thousand products is quite complex…

Is there a way to say the system “now generate all missing SEO links (eventually for in-stock items only)” in the backend?

Hi @PetrOs,

AFAIK, there is no back end option for what you want to achieve. Have you heard about wget and how to use it to scan a website?
Just an idea :wink:


I think if articles are exported SEO-Urls are generated.