Global Positiong of Chat App?

Hi Forum,

I would like to know if there is a sort of “Global Positioning” page/area where one could install chat app code [B]on that page once[/B] instead of having to repaste it on every page. I call this global Positioning but perhaps there is a better and more accurate description of this. Maybe it is CSS? If there is a how to do it tip would be appreciated.

The app I am trying to load is called and it offers both a free (advertising) version plus a version where you can pay a little and have no foreign adverting but your own.

All this said, if there is a better free chat client that the OXID Forum can suggest I look at, I am all ears.

Lastly is much difference in the upgrade from 4.10.3 to 4.10.4? I have never iniated an upgrade and am afraid to admit that I do not know how to do it. If there are some step by step fool proof instructions somewhere… maybe I will try it. :rolleyes:

Hey Don,

take a look at this module for the OLARK chat At least you could find out the method how it was implemented.

Please find an update manual here: Updating from 4.10.3 to 4.10.4 shouldn’t be that hard :wink: