I have a problem with the voucher tool in the shop (version 4.4.5_31315).

It works just fine. Only if I entering the couponcode and place a product into the basket and then add that product a second time, he does not calculate the right discount.

Does anyone know why is that and how do I fix this problem?


Auf jeden Fall nicht dadurch, das man das Forum mit Doppelthreads in der falschen Sprache zumüllt…

As there are several settings you can alter, it would be helpful to have a screenshot of yours.

Hi Matthias,

i found out it’s a bug in oxid.

i update the shop and hope it will work.
thanks for your reply.


hi dirk,

please use a testshop for this update.
The update from 445 to 452 (or higher) contains many changes.
At example:
It is recommended to update your modules too.