How i can get country ISO in cart

i am working on module and i need ship from and ship to.
is there any globle or session variable from where i can get the order address country ISO and store country ISO.

Hi @php_dev101,

you don’t know the source code documentation, do you?

Go to, navigate to the version you work on and search for “getCount” in doxygen. I think this is the one you’re looking for, is it?


hmmm i think i can’t describe well that why i am not getting right answer.
i have checked oxViewConfig::getCountryList();
This return me 2 countries but i need only one.
why i need only one .
my main concern is that i want to know form where the product will be shipped.
i have a API where i have to send ship form and ship to countries.
i reached at ship to country ISO but i need the store country.

[{assign var="oCountry"      value="oxCountry"|@oxNew}]
[{if $oCountry->load('a7c40f631fc920687.20179984')}] [{*oxcountry__oxid of Germany. Please change to your shopcountry*}]
[{assign var="shopCountryisoalpha2" value=$oCountry->oxcountry__oxisoalpha2->value}]
<div class="form-group">Oxisoalpha2 of the shop is: [{$shopCountryisoalpha2}]</div>

Work with


an delete

<div class="form-group">Oxisoalpha2 of the shop is: [{$shopCountryisoalpha2}]</div>