How to call OXID (from DB (oxattribute)) in a template (like Attribute->title)

I would like to know how to call OXID from db table named oxattribute in a template
I already use $attr->title. Is it possible to call somthing like $attr->oxid ???

[{foreach from=$oView->getAttributes() item=attr}]
                                [{if $attr->title ...}]


<pre>[{ $attr|print_r }]</pre>

and you will see all object’s attributes you can access inside tempalte

I thank you, that is helpful, so I can see I cant call it like this… but anyone have any idea how could I call this OXID from attribute in a template?

Which template? page/details/inc/attributes.tpl?

    [{foreach from=$oDetailsProduct->getAttributes() item=attr}]

You are awesome thank you! :slight_smile: