How to diplay "My Account" Box in a different place?

i want to place the “My Account” Box in a different place. In the My Account Box there is

Orders History
Account etc.

How can i place this box in a different place??



Hi maja,

pretty simple: Open the /out/basic/tpl/_right.tpl using your ftp programm. Copy the block approx. lines 7 - 12

[b][[{ oxmultilang ident="INC_RIGHTITEM_MYACCOUNT" }]]([{ oxgetseourl ident=$oViewConf->getSelfLink()|cat:)[/b]

    [{oxid_include_dynamic file="dyn/cmp_login_right.tpl" type="login" searchtag=$searchtag searchrecomm=$searchrecommforhtml searchparam=$searchparamforhtml searchnid=$searchnid searchvendor=$searchvendor listtype=$sListType pgnr=$pageNavigation->actPage tpl=$tpl additional_form_parameters="`$AdditionalFormParameters`"|cat:$oViewConf->getNavFormParams() }]
    [{oxid_include_dynamic file="dyn/cmp_login_links.tpl" type="login_links"}]

and place it where you want to place it.

Marco Steinhäuser
Community Operator
OXID eSales AG