How to generated OXID, OXIDParent Colums from database

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I have a question regarding the 3 fields in the database. How can I generate the OXID ,OXIDPARENTID and OXARTNUM are they hashed or md5?, I am creating a c# application that would encode products to oxarticles table but I dont have an idea on how to insert it there those values so the products can be seen online while encoding in my c# app.

Please let me know that is my concern right now.

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OXID ,OXIDPARENTID: You can use anything unique, Oxid generates them like this:

    public function generateUId()
        return substr( md5( uniqid( '', true ).'|'.microtime() ), 0, 32 );

OXARTNUM is the article number used by the shop owner.

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Do you have an idea on,

What is the purpose of OXPARENTID? does that mean sub description for the items? or it is a sub details for the products like the pictures for the sideview top view or etc…

Please let me know, I am so newbie in OXid.

thanks a lot guys

OXPARENTID is the OXID of the Parent Product in case the product is a variant product.

Have a look at the demodata, you can see how it works there.