How to module create and module settings in oxid eshop?

how to module create and module settings in OXID eshop ?

start here:

Thank you vanilla_thunder

[ERROR: Translation for SHOP_MODULE_GROUP_main not found!]This error will display in my module settings and also I have corrected for language files but, it always shown.

You need to clear tmp/ after changing language files

Ok I try


If you want to use your module services in the onActivate method the ContainerFactory should not be used for getting your services, because they aren’t included in the container from the ContainerFactory during the activation process. You have to get a new container from the ContainerBuilderFactory.
See an example below:
which file to create and store below the code?

public static function onActivate(): void
    $container = (new ContainerBuilderFactory())->create()->getContainer();

    $myService = $container->get('<service-id>');

just any file you want, this method will be called during the activation process.
Most devs create dedicated file for events, but you dont have to.

If I make any change in metadata.php file, and it cannot work or cannot make changes in backend or admin side.

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what are requirement or any important settings for in payment modules in Extension > Module > my_ModuleName > settings

how to add a module name to payment method in OXID eshop ?

You need to learn the OXID framework and functions. You are asking either basic stuff or stuff that does not make any sence.
Either ways it looks like you did not spend much time getting to know OXID Code.
There are no shortcuts If you need to develop modules for OXID, there is no “OxidOverflow” forum where you can copy-pasters couple of Code lines and suddenly have a working payment module without actually understanding what you are doing.
You either learn how to develop property or you are going to fail and might cause serious damage to the Company you are working for.

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Hi, I am working in community edition (ce) version