How to show the queries log in MySQL?

Any idea how can i log the query? I am getting the same error unfortunately.

do you sometimes use google or other search engines?
here is the first result for “log mysql queries”:

Well… i do use google and other search engines always before posting anything here, My idea was that there might be some shop function which will let me see what query exactly last ran like for example there might be a function


And the said function above will give me something like this when dump and die it.

"INSERT INTO oxusers (oxuserid, oxfname,.....) Values(1658465465, 'XYZ person',.....)"

So that i could know what data it is trying to insert and where.

I think i wasn’t clear with my question but thanks anyway.

…so visit MySQL or MySQLi in core/adodblite/adobdSQL_drivers/ , search for **do_query()**and write your own log.

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