IE7 bug Paynova - Oxid/Fatchip Module?


It looks like that Internet Explorer 7 is blocking the session cookies in the last payment step (Paynova’s IFrame) when it tries to connect to the paynova server.

That means that no credit card transaction is possible for buyer’s who are using IE7 because the session cookies can’t be confirmed!

Has someone experienced the same problem? Any solution for this IE7 IFRAME payment bug?


We have contaced Paynova and found out that there is a Problem with the session cookie the paynova iframe wants to set… this is due to security settings of the internet explorer. I kind of wonder why this problem hasn’t come out before since the IE 7 is already older, but maybe its because of a recent update…

We are working on a new module version to fix this problem and this will be available very soon.