Include contact form in other pages

Oxid 4.10.1
I’m currently working on a theme that requires me to be able to include the contact form on several different pages in Oxid (for instance the article details page). Unfortunately, it is normally implemented as a simple link:

<a href="[{ oxgetseourl ident=$oViewConf->getSelfLink()|cat:"cl=contact" }]">[{ oxmultilang ident="CONTACT" }]</a>

Simply including the contact template would not work, as the contact controller apparently collects some user-data for the contact form and I would like to preserve the functionality that known form fields like the user’s name and e-mail are filled in automatically.

Again for clarification: I do [I]not[/I] want to have a link to a different page, but I want the full contact form functionality [I]included[/I] into an entirely different page (article details page, home page or basket for instance).

I’d appreciate if someone pointed me in the direction of what I would have to do to achieve this.

Hi, I believe you can embed a normal form everywhere. you just need to send the form to your class and then the variables as processed.